acad_logo_redThe mission of the Academy is to develop a community of seekers, workers, learners and listeners eager to carry out the Gospel in word and action. It does so primarily through rigorous, semester-long course work integrated with in-depth practical experience, providing lay and ordained leaders with the theological education and spiritual formation to serve the ever-changing and challenging 21st-Century church.

The Academy for Formation and Mission provides a quality, affordable, diocesan formation opportunity for priests, deacons and lay leaders. The Academy’s course work, practical experience, and community life prepares students for traditional and pioneer ministries.

Fall Course offerings – Academy for Formation and Mission

Course Offerings – Fall 2015

Friday Evenings

(5:00-5:50): Ministerial Formation

An exploration of baptismal, diaconal, and presbyteral formation

Friday evenings (7:00-9:00): Pastoral Care

Designed to bring “the world’s greatest need and your own deepest joy” into conversation, for good and holy work. While some learned pastoral skills are essential in the process of spiritual care, effective and sustainable practice comes about only as you discover your authentic voice, informed by experience, temperament and spiritual orientation, and bring this into every encounter. Students will actively engage the material, as part of teams. The Rev. Jonna Alexander leads the class, with other chaplains from Legacy/Good Samaritan.

Saturday mornings (8:30-11:30): New Testament I

This course familiarizes students with the content and structure, distinctive theology, and introductory matters (e.g., date, authorship, and occasion) of the four NT gospels and the historical narrative of Acts. With long experience teaching religion at the college level, the Rev. Brad Toebben, M.Phil., now serves at St. Mary’s Eugene.

Saturday Lunch (1:00-1:50): Field-Ed Seminar

Theological reflection for 2nd– and 3rd-year students participating in field education.

Saturday Afternoons (2:00-5:00): Anglican Identity

In the context of the worshiping life of the Church, The Rev. Brandon Filbert of St. Timothy’s Salem, explores the depth and breadth of Anglicanism as a living tradition.

Class Dates

11/12 September, 25/26 September, 9/10 October, 23/24 October, 6/7 November, 20/21 November, 4/5 December. Classes are held at St. Francis in Wilsonville (Exit 282)

Registration information

Students may register for one, two, or three courses. All are welcome.

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