Let Us Break Bread Together

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Meals and conversations are essential ways we gather and discuss the issues that give us passion and those that divide us. A meal shared can give us hope and can open new pathways to solutions for problems we have in families, in church communities and in the wider society.

The Changing Shape of Church

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Blessings on this mid-February day. Things continue to be quite busy in the diocesan office and particularly busy around the issue of clergy and congregational transitions. Partly this is true because we have individuals who are completing their seminary training this spring and returning to the diocese looking for work as a deacon/priest.

Interrupted Lives

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I entitled this note “Interrupted Lives” because when the weather or an illness or a change of life circumstances causes us to step out of our everyday existence we can feel like life has been interrupted. Now the weather is a bother to some, and an inconvenience to others, but for those who are living on the streets this kind of event can be a crisis. It is at times life threatening and scary. I have been especially mindful of those lives lately and they are a constant part of my prayer life and my actions in the world.