The goal of the Commission to End Racism is to educate people so that they become more aware of the divisiveness (sin) of racism and are able to confront it. Living out this mission takes many forms: working to understand how racism affects our own lives, and carrying the message to the church and to the world that hatred and discrimination are wrong. Living out this mission takes training, education, passion, creativity, and prayer.

The Commission puts on anti-racism workshops, called “Seeing the Face of God in Each Other” at least twice a year in different locations through out the Diocese. The workshops were developed by The Social Justice Department of The Episcopal Church Center in 2003. The Commission tries to raise people’s awareness by celebrating the anniversary of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death on April 4th with a Walk.

The goal of the Commission to End Racism is to make ourselves, and others, more aware of the divisiveness (sin) of racism, to give us skills to confront racism in ourselves and in institutions, to transform ourselves, and the people around us, to become a more open and just community based on love for each other.

What You Can Do

  • Attend Anti-Racism training workshops through the Diocese of Oregon
  • Become a multi-culturally competent person resisting racism
  • Challenge prejudice, intolerance and racism in the church and the community wherever it exists
  • Join the Anti-Racism committee in your church or diocese
  • Join with other denominations and faith traditions to dismantle institutional and systemic racism
  • Understand the connection between racism and other forms of oppression
  • Read and share articles, books and publications on racism and related oppressions to sustain you on your journey

What The Church Can Do

  • Establish provincial anti-racism networks and provide “training for trainers”
  • Develop a diocesan workbook of “best practices” and strategies for community building
  • Share training resources with the ecumenical bodies