Disaster preparedness is planning to mitigate the effects of a disaster (emergency). The plan normally includes preparation and response. Disasters affect Oregon parishes either through loss of their facilities or area-wide events. The latter include weather (wind, snow, ice), fire (multi-dwelling and wildfire), geological (earthquake and landslides), and disease (Spanish flu). Planning can be basic: how to continue when parish facilities are lost. It can be more comprehensive such as assisting with response or recovery after an event.

The Episcopal Church involvement in disaster preparedness began in 2005 with a National Executive Council initiative with a U.S. Disaster Program US Disaster Program* Since then, most dioceses in the U.S. are actively stressing diocesan and parish planning as well as developing actions to aid others in a disaster. Both clergy and lay are urged to undertake these actions. Each diocese, including Oregon, has a Diocesan Disaster Coordinator reporting to the bishop’s office. This person has several important roles:

  • Encourage and assist parishes with planning.
  • Provide appropriate training throughout the Diocese.
  • Serve as the coordinator between the Diocese and parishes both with disaster preparedness and in a disaster.
  • Act a representative for the Diocese on area-wide and state-wide coordinating organizations.
  • Be the liaison between the Diocese and US Disaster Program.

Diocesan Disaster Preparedness Team:

*US Disaster Program, To inspire, connect and equip leaders of the Episcopal Church and its partners to: Prepare for all-hazards that might effect communities, Mitigate the impact of those disasters, Help the vulnerable make a full and sustained recovery.” 

Planning and Aids

New Earthquake Preparedness Resources Available

Get your home and your parish ready in case of an earthquake!

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Earthquake Preparedness Presentation Now Available

The presentation provides information on how best to respond to a major earthquake and tsunami.


Wanted: Contractors or Experienced Builders for diocesan disaster preparedness team

Team seeks experienced builders and contractors to aid in assessing structural rebuilding costs resulting from a disaster