GALA workshops and vestment exchange

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GALA, the Guild and Association of Liturgical Arts, will present it first workshop Friday, September 29, 2017 from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  This new organization, funded by an Episcopal Bishop of Oregon Foundation grant, hopes to offer ways to access the Divine through creativity and support our worship in the beauty of Holiness. Our first workshop will focus on stole making and personal icons.  Please contact the Reverend Nancy Gallagher at to register or call/text at 541-912-7722.

At convention, this year GALA  will host a Vestment Exchange in addition to a Retirement Party for altar linens and vestments that are no longer serviceable.  Bring your no-longer-needed vestments, altar linens, and sacred objects to the Exchange.  For linens and vestments that are too damaged to repair, GALA will take them for repurposing and proper retirement.  Do you need vestments?  Come to the exchange and see if GALA has items that will support your beautiful worship.

One of the projects that GALA will do is make stoles for all newly ordained clergy for the Bishop to distribute.  We are gathering those who sew from all over the diocese to assist in this project.  Please contact the Reverend Nancy Gallagher at to participate or call/text at 541-912-7722.

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  1. Hello Nancy:
    I’m not sure how we can help in any way with your writing of personal icons…as is stated in this announcement, but we have lots of resources, including a very large iconographic reference library here at the Cathedral. The library is available for anyone wishing to find out about specific icons; copying icon prototypes and “anything in icon-general”. Please let me know if we can help at all.

  2. Nancy Gallagher says:

    Christopher, thanks for such a generous offer. I’ll be in touch through regular email. Nancy+

  3. Ann says:

    So glad I found this page. My sister made some beautiful vestments for her husband which served him well. After she passed away he left the Episcopal church and joined the Catholic church. He has given me these beautiful garments and I am loathe to recycle or in anyway disrespect them. My sister made these with love and I hope you can accept them as an extensive of her loving spirit. My parents and surviving sister live in the Grants Pass area. Perhaps we could bring them to you on September 29th. I can send you photos if you wish. They really are worth saving. Regards, Ann Clason

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