GodLab: The Bible

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Episcopal News Service is partnering with a number of other Christian publishers and seminaries to sponsor GodLab: The Bible

Can an ancient book guide us into the future?

Join us for the inaugural GodLab 2017, as we explore this together. Experience, for the first time ever, a unique encounter with six of today’s most influential progressive Christian authors. Listen, discuss, challenge, laugh, inspire, and collaborate with fellow attendees as we dive into the Bible.

Experience this rare combination of:

  • Groundbreaking authors
  • Inspiring teachers
  • Provocative topics
  • Rich discussions

GodLab will offer three days of deep engagement and renewal for those who seek to discover a new vision for engaging history’s most important book. Terri Hoffman (email) is coordinating a group from the Diocese of Oregon in order to qualify for lower-priced group tickets. Please contact her for more information and check out the GodLab website for the speaker list and schedule.

JUNE 8–10, 2017
Historic Wiltern Theatre
3790 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

3 Responses to "GodLab: The Bible"
  1. Maureen-Elizabeth Hagen says:

    Such a stellar group of speakers. I have wanted to go, but the individual price is so high. Terri, let me know if you can get a good group price so I can join in.

  2. Arnold Carson says:

    It does look interesting! I myself inquired as to discounts for seniors, and received a notice today that the entire event is being postponed, “due to events beyond our control.”

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