Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon!

We are a unique expression of the Jesus Movement, as it is found in the life and work of the Episcopal Church in western Oregon. Our churches throughout the region gather in the love of God to ground our lives in worship while connecting ourselves to the wider church and world.

Whether you are a first-time explorer of this way of faith or a lifelong Episcopalian, I trust you will find a home in this fellowship of love and prayer. This is a place where all are welcome and all may find God in Jesus Christ.


The Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

Congregation Close-up: St. Andrew’s, Portland

Nearing 125 years of ministry, St. Andrew’s knows times of struggle while looking toward the future with hope.

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White Supremacy is a Spiritual Sickness

In the midst of our grief let us not be blinded to the work that now confronts us.

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Witnesses to Love

The church is blessed with witnesses today who encourage and teach us about living the Way of Love.

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