Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon!

We are a unique expression of the Jesus Movement, as it is found in the life and work of the Episcopal Church in western Oregon. Our churches throughout the region gather in the love of God to ground our lives in worship while connecting ourselves to the wider church and world.

Whether you are a first-time explorer of this way of faith or a lifelong Episcopalian, I trust you will find a home in this fellowship of love and prayer. This is a place where all are welcome and all may find God in Jesus Christ.


The Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

Congregation Close-up: St. Mary’s, Eugene

Two Saturdays a the month, we serve over 300 of our hungry neighbors in a ministry called Saturday Breakfast. But Saturday Breakfast is not just about serving calories. We strive to respect the dignity of every person who comes. They are our guests in every meaning of the word.

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Families Belong Together

Speaking out and acting in ways that make our views known to the government and to the world is, I believe, a Christian imperative. Our faith demands action.

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June 2018 Preparedness Checklist: Hardening Your Home Against Wildfires

From our Disaster Preparedness Program coordinator Sheryl Gerety (sheryl.gerety@gmail.com): a monthly, seasonally appropriate checklist page to help us […]

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