2019 Diocesan Committee Appointments

2019 Diocesan Committee Appointments

The following people were appointed to serve in diocesan roles at the 131st Annual Convention on October 25 and 26, 2019 at the Salem Convention Center:

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Shawn Dickerson (three-year clergy term)
D. Rebecca Snow (three-year lay term)

Commission on Ministry

Terri Hoffman, Convener

Committee for Ordained Ministry Development (five-year terms):
Bob Rose
Steve Clinton
The Rev. Deacon Allan Miles

Committee for Baptismal Ministry Development:
The Rev. Andria Skornik (three-year term)
Lianne Thompson (three-year term)
Rose Thomas (three-year term)
The Rev. Steve Ellis (two-year term)


Convocation Deans:
Central: the Rev. Judith Jones
Columbia: the Rev. Jaime Sanders
Metro East: the Rev. Jonna Alexander
South Coast: the Rev. Tim Hannon
Southern: the Rev. Ernestein Flemister
Sunset: the Rev. Beth Mallon
Willamette: the Rev. Fred Heard

Convocation Presidents:
Central: Jerry Jacobson
Columbia: James Baxendale
Metro East: Barbara Bullard
South Coast: Pending
Southern: David McFadden
Sunset: Will Silvertsen
Willamette: Martin Loring