The 130th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Oregon will be
November  1 – 3, 2018 at the Seaside Convention Center


Information for Debate and Vote at  the 129th Convention at the Salem Convention Center


Two resolutions of policy were passed by vote of Convention:

Resolution I: Urging Support for Universal Single Payer Health Care in Oregon
Resolution II: Confronting Hate, Racism and Poverty in the Diocese of Oregon

Constitution & Canons

Revisions to the Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of Oregon were approved as follows:

2018 Budget (passed by vote of Convention)

The 2018 Budget for the Diocese of Oregon

2018 Budget Narrative

Diocesan Governance Positions for Election

Congratulations to the following people, elected to their respective positions at the 129th Annual Convention in Salem.

Standing Committee:
The Rev. Nancy Gallagher
Laurea Arnoldt

Board of Trustees:
The Rev. Kerlin Richter
Sydney Fitzpatrick

Diocesan Council:
The Rev. Kristina Burbank
The Rev. Gavin Shumate
The Rev. Raggs Ragan
The Rev. Tom Sramek, Jr.
Len Goodwin
Marcia Silicani Newberry

Trinity Cathedral Chapter:
Jeanne Kalisewski

2017 Annual Reports

A number of ministries will present verbal reports to the Convention. However, all diocesan-sponsored ministries are required to submit an annual written report. This year, those will not be included in the Convention booklet but may be read online. Read reports