Standing Committee

Standing Committee

Standing Committee 2017

The Standing Committee is the body of lay and clergy members of the Diocese elected by the annual Diocesan Convention and authorized by the Canons of the Episcopal Church as the Bishop’s Council of Advice. If there is no Diocesan or Suffragan or Coadjutor Bishop canonically authorized to act, the Standing Committee becomes the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese for all purposes declared by General Convention.

The Standing Committee advises the Bishop and gives consent in matters of the disposition of property, ecclesiastical discipline, the election and consecration of Bishops, and in the matter of candidates for ordained ministry. The election of members and the terms and conditions of their office are defined by the Canons of the Diocese of Oregon.

The Standing Committee meets monthly at St. Paul, Salem on Thursday usually at 9:45 am. Meetings may be held via web conference. The Standing Committee, Board of Trustees, & Diocesan Council meet together three times a year.

The members of the Standing Committee are:

The Rt. Rev. Michael J. Hanley, Bishop
Sharon Rodgers, President (St. Mary's, Eugene)
The Rev. David Sweeney, Secretary (Calvary, Seaside)
Laurea Arnoldt (St. John's, Bandon)
Nancy Gallagher (St. John the Divine, Springfield)
The Rev. Dr. Patti Hale (St. Matthew's, Eugene)
James Johnson (Trinity, Ashland)
The Rev. Karen Tiegs
Toni Phipps (St. Paul's, Salem)