August 2019 Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Asset Mapping

August 2019 Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Asset Mapping

From our Disaster Preparedness Program coordinator Sheryl Gerety ( a monthly, seasonally appropriate checklist page to help us tackle preparing for a disaster in manageable steps.

Annette Rankin and I have an “ask,” a wish, a need for the congregations of the Oregon Diocese to develop a disaster preparedness plan that reflects the needs of your congregation. As a first step, please log on to your page in the Asset Map, read and explore the information posted. Rectors, pastors, deacons, senior and junior wardens, coordinators of ministry — any parishioners with motivation — should make corrections to information if needed. The corrected entries will be reviewed through the Diocese.

What the Asset Map is to us

When, why, where, and how we use it

  • Need contacts: how to reach members in leadership positions by phone, email, text message
  • Need locations: food cupboard and clothing closet donations, knitting circles, choir rehearsals, youth activities, weddings and baptisms
  • Need emergency and disaster resources: power, kitchens, meetings spaces, shelters, distribution points, spiritual counsel

Who puts us on the map

  • Volunteers with minimal computer skills
  • Access to the internet via wifi connection, computer/tablet/smart phone
  • Spirit to take on a project that will entail crafting a disaster plan for the congregation

What is missing and needed

Disaster preparedness planning for the congregation is likely missing from your entries. Plans should encourage members to store food, water and other emergency supplies. Planning should also reflect the ongoing needs of a community long post disaster. The need to relocate victims permanently has become one of the realities of extreme weather events and devastating wildfires of the last several years. What could your members do to help recover?

What we are reading

The Seven Most Important Supplies for a Starter Earthquake Kit

Diocese of Oregon Disaster Preparedness Contacts

Sheryl Gerety
Annette Rankin
Episcopal Relief and Development
Episcopal Asset Map