I walk my dog Bailey each morning around the apartment complex in which we live. It is normally an early morning “appointment” and we have already established a normal route. He has his agenda for the walk and I have mine. Most days we both return home having enjoyed the time together. The past several months have underscored in me the importance of routine. Having an established set of normal activities is good for the soul and helps make the unexpected and challenging easier to manage. I am grateful to Bailey for his help in keeping my world enjoyable and manageable as I begin to be among you in ministry together.

Lent is good for the soul as well. It is a predictable, time of prayer and study as we walk with Jesus through controversy and pain toward the resurrection experience of Easter. The routine nature of our worship is life giving. I hope this note finds you all walking the predictable pattern of worship that is the Episcopal Church’s Lenten experience. Whatever the particular life challenges one faces at any given time, I believe they can be faced with deeper grace and joy when one is being attentive to the routines of life that sustain us.

Please be aware that I will be traveling to my first House of Bishops meeting in the coming week and hold all of us in your prayers. I look forward to the new routine that will form around me as I enter the House of Bishops and take my place in this council of the church.

I bid you continue in the “apostles teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers” (BCP 304)

Blessings, Michael

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