Being a blessing and a strength to each other

Being a blessing and a strength to each other

Camp Allen

Grace and Peace

On Wednesday, March 8, I fly to Camp Allen in Texas for the annual House of Bishops retreat. It is a yearly time of retreat, reflection and prayer that the Bishops of the church take for renewal. This will be our first with the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry as our Presiding Bishop and it is the retreat at which we “change tables.” Once every three years the House of Bishops is remixed into prayer and reflection tables and we are invited to get to know another group of Bishops on a more intimate level.

In my first year and a half I came to know seven very fine bishops and those relationships strengthened me as I came to find my own place within the community of Bishops. In the last three years I have come to know another wonderful set of bishops, many of whom live in dioceses that are quite different than my own. I hope that I have been helpful to them in their faith journey. As I approach yet another group of bishops, I imagine that we will again be a strength and blessing to each other.

All of us in the diocese of Oregon live in communities of love and prayer and we are better ministers of Christ’s love in the world because of our relationships with each other. As I travel to the House of Bishops meeting I ask your prayers for all of us and I pray you find strength and blessing in church this Sunday as you worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness surrounded by those who care for you.

Oh, and do not forget the change to daylight savings time this weekend!


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