Beloved Community on Campus

Beloved Community on Campus

Episcopal Campus Ministry in Portland is taking shape in a new way in 2018.  Bishop Michael Hanley has called Matthew David Morris, a seminarian and postulant to the priesthood, to serve as the Missioner for Campus Ministries in the Portland Metro area. Matthew David is sharing his vision, Beloved Community on Campus, which he will organize and facilitate with a team of students and seminarians.

The primary work of Beloved Community on Campus is to:

  • Acknowledge the complexity of identity.
  • Emphasize the need for dialogue.
  • Build relationships that strengthen our work toward reconciliation, healing, and justice.
  • Take inspiration from The Episcopal Church’s “Becoming Beloved Community” plan.

​In the Fall of 2018, Matthew David and his team will launch a program of dialogues, study groups, and fellowship opportunities for college students in the Portland Metro area. Their hope is to dive deep into discernment about the meaning of Beloved Community, so that students can become justice-bearers and reconcilers on their own campuses.

Matthew David Morris
Missioner for Campus Ministries

Matthew David Morris is the Missioner for Portland Metro Episcopal Campus Ministry and Missioner of Alternative Liturgy at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. He is the founder of Beloved Community on Campus, a ministry organized and facilitated by a team of students and seminarians in the Portland Metro area. Matthew David advocates for student agency and student empowerment. He sees his work in young adult ministry as an opportunity to provide an interculturally-competent, intersectionality-minded, and interfaith-leaning approach to campus ministry and community building.

Matthew David is also the producer and host of the upcoming lectionary/music podcast, Lectio Musica, which is grant funded by the Episcopal Evangelism Society.

Matthew David lives in Southeast Portland with his husband, Sean, and their family.