Congregation Close-up: St. James, Coquille

Congregation Close-up: St. James, Coquille

St. James’ Church is a small parish nestled in the hills of the coastal range in Coos County. We’re a downtown church in a tiny town of about 4,000 people, and our red doors open out across from the county offices. We are blessed by being both rural and ‘urban,’ as well as being inland and near the coast.

Church members touch up paint on the parking lot labyrinth.

St. James’ mission is to feed Coquille in “mind, body, and spirit,” and each of our ministries seeks to meet people not in one or the other but in all three at once. Much of our work centers around food. Most Wednesdays we invite the community to what we call Emmaus Meals: soup suppers that are then followed by Bible study and some sort of Christian education.

Lately, we’ve had classes on labyrinths, Episcopal identity, centering prayer, and (soon) the history of the Bible. We also hold morning prayer on Wednesdays, and add to it a warm breakfast and Bible study. Further, St. James’ hosts many local organizations in its building, such as two local AA groups. There isn’t a day of the week that the parish hall isn’t open.

Parishioners of St. James are also active in the community. We serve at a pan-Christian food pantry, which helps keep us in the ecumenical spirit, and we serve in a variety of local organizations, from 4H boards to the rotary club.

Recently, we’ve had a bit of change at St. James’. This summer, we’ve hired a new vicar (Tim Hannon), who is beginning to lead us in some new ministries and to deepen our understanding of our spiritual gifts. We’re excited about the future, and we look forward to finding new ways to further the work of God in Coquille!

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