***The 129th Convention of the Diocese of Oregon will be October 27 and 28, 2017 at the Salem Convention Center.***

November 4-5, 2016
Valley River Inn
Eugene, Oregon

The following speeches are available for listening:

The Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley’s “State of the Diocese” address, illustrated by the contents of his basket donation for the Commission on Poverty & Homelessness raffle.

Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke’s keynote address, “Home to Humanity,” featured his poem “Prepare the Way” and the video “The Adaptable Mind.” His Home to Humanity powerpoint is also available to view as a pdf.

Home to Humanity Part 1

Home to Humanity Part 2

Chancellor Paul Dakopolos shared about the recent history of the Diocese in what one listener described as “the funniest speech I ever heard from a lawyer.”

The Rev. LouAnn Pickering gave a stirring exhortation to remember that “With God, nothing is impossible!” during the introduction of St. Gabriel the Archangel (Portland) as a parish.

The Rev. James Joiner and the Rev. Jeremy Lucas shared insights from their journey to Standing Rock and called on us to tweet our commitments to show up for the people and places of need of our communities. You can read these tweets by searching #EpiscopOR16 on Twitter.



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The 2016 Convention Booklet contains the full agenda, proposed budget, program reports for the many ministries in the Diocese, and biographies of the nominees for Diocesan positions.

Election Results for Diocesan Positions:

Standing Committee:
The Rev. Lance Peeler, Grace, Astoria
James Johnson, Trinity, Ashland

Board of Trustees:
The Rev. Robert Morrison, St. Alban, Albany
Rich Emery, St. James, Lincoln City

Diocesan Council:
The Rev. Dcn. Cindra Gray, St. Michael/San Miguel, Newberg
The Rev. Brad Toebben, St. Mary, Eugene
Charles McGee III, Grace Memorial, Portland
Lianne Thompson, St. Catherine, Nehalem

Trinity Cathedral Chapter
Jill Osburn, St. Matthew, Portland

Deputies to General Convention, Clergy: (in order of votes)
The Rev. Canon Neysa Ellgren, Diocesan Staff
The Rev. Wes Sedlacek, Chaplain, Supply clergy
The Rev. Chris Craun, St. Michael & All Angels, Portland
The Rev. Bernie Lindley, St. Timothy, Brookings

Alternate Deputies, Clergy: (in order of votes)
The Rev. Canon Robert Bryant, St. John the Baptist, Portland
The Rev. Roberto Maldonado, Holy Cross/Santa Cruz, Boring
The Rev. Dcn. Diane Higgins-Shaffer, Calvary, Seaside
The Rev. Dennis j. Parker, St. Stephen, Portland

Deputies to General Convention, Lay: (in order of votes)
Sharon Rodgers, St. Mary, Eugene
Becky Snow, Trinity, Ashland
Jackee Martinez, St. John the Divine, Springfield
Dawn Reynolds, St. Thomas, Dallas

Alternate Deputies, Lay: (In order of votes)
Jan Sedlacek, St. Stephen, Newport
Alan Murray, Trinity, Portland
Lee Garrett, Trinity, Portland
Jocelyn Wagner, Christ the King on the Santiam, Stanton