General Convention: Sharing in the Work

General Convention: Sharing in the Work

Dear Friends in Christ:

I write to you at the close of the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church. You may have wondered why I have not shared very much with you during this Convention. The truth is that on Monday, July 2, just before Convention began, I found myself in an Austin, Texas emergency room with a gastro-intestinal issue. I spent the next 40 hours in the care of that fine institution and, while it has taken time, I am currently continuing to recover my strength and stamina. I feel well at this point and would like to share with you a few of the highlights of the General Convention.

Early in the Convention there was a listening session of profound depth and venerability as we listened to the stories of men and women who had experienced the deep and lasting wounding of sexual violence by the church. That session was recorded and is available to view online. I commend it to you.

During Convention we worshipped together daily, and we witnessed to the world on issues of gun violence, and we left the walls of the convention center in 14 large buses to witness to the pain caused by the separation of families at the Hullo detention center. As a House of Bishops, we have committed ourselves to a working covenant concerning the sin of sexism. We were blessed to re-admit Cuba as a diocese of the Episcopal Church. We passed legislation in support of LGBTQ concerns, Care of Creation, Evangelism and Racial Reconciliation.  We made a small beginning toward Prayer Book Revision. While some legislation in support of Palestinian rights was defeated in the House of Bishops many of us called on the church to support our Palestinian sisters and brothers. A beginning was made in this conversation with the passage of at least one resolution condemning the violence in the Holy Land.

In the end it will be the responsibility of the diocesan deputies and myself to bring all of this work back to Oregon so that you can share in the work that is before us as the Body of Christ, the Jesus Movement, and a voice for the love that triumphs over evil.


(Episcopal News Service provides excellent coverage of all these General Convention matters and more if you are interested in further details.)