Gospel values lead investment strategy

Gospel values lead investment strategy

Today at its annual convention, the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon created a socially responsible investment fund that will uniquely reflect the Diocese’s priority Gospel values, providing leadership among faith communities interested in socially responsible investing.

The fund managers will screen out companies with excessive pollution and toxic footprints, with human rights violations, with outsized executive compensation, and with exploitative worker pay. The fund will invest positively in companies working to address climate change, producing clean energy technologies, engaging in community development, and advancing human rights. This fund will also provide opportunities for micro-investing in small companies or in investment vehicles working to implement the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which broadly seek to eliminate extreme global poverty.

This socially responsible investment fund arises out of the Diocese’s decision in 2013 to study divestment from fossil fuel companies. It will be an early and leading example for the Episcopal Church as a whole, which voted to divest from fossil companies at its triennial General Convention this past June. http://www.generalconvention.org/gc/2015-resolutions/C045/current_english_text

For further information contact: J T Quanbeck

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