The People Speak: Grants Pass Listening Session Summary

The People Speak: Grants Pass Listening Session Summary

Small group conversation with the Search Committee

October 1, 2019 Update: our Diocesan Profile is live! Visit the 11th Bishop of Oregon Search and Transition website to read it and view information on how to apply or nominate a prospective candidate.

By Martin Loring, Chair, 11th Bishop of Oregon Search Committee

An enjoyable, informative time was had by everyone participating in the first Diocesan Listening Session, Saturday, August 10 at St. Luke’s, Grants Pass. Heidi Pitts, diocesan Director of Communications, and the Ven. Canon Carter Hawley, Archdeacon and Canon for Administration, did a good job organizing the session. The Rev. Ernestein Flemister and the parishioners of St. Luke’s provided a lovely facility as well as exceptional hospitality. Thanks to all for a good opportunity to hear what people think about three important diocesan issues.

Twenty people from at least six Southern Oregon and South Coast congregations came to hear about the Vision Committee, the Relocation Committee, and the 11th Bishop of Oregon Search Committee.

Heidi led off with an introduction on the history and findings of the Vision Committee. She was joined in this presentation by the Rev. Roberto Arciniega, Canon for Latino Ministries. Heidi also asked for input on alternatives to the current diocesan logo.

Carter followed with an update the work of the Relocation Committee and the process of developing criteria for the relocation of the diocesan office. She was followed by Ernestein+, who provided a summary of what is happening with the Search Committee to call the 11th Bishop of Oregon, and a timeline for this process.

Ernestein+ presenting on the Search and Transition Timeline

Ernestein+ began by introducing her fellow members of the Search Committee present. These included: the Rev. Deacon Allan Miles, St. Martin’s, Shady Cove; the Rev. Timothy Hannon, St. James, Coquille; the Rev. Brandon Filbert, St. Timothy’s, Salem; and the Committee Chair, Martin Loring, St. Paul’s, Salem.  

After the introductory overviews, the most exciting part of the session took place. Areas were assigned to each of the three committees, and the twenty people attending from local congregations circulated among them for 90 minutes asking questions, discussing issues, and offering insights on what should be done.

I sat in on the Search Committee discussions and attempted to capture the high points of as many contributions as I could (in chronological order). A summary follows:

There are two more opportunities to participate in Diocesan Listening Sessions next Saturday, August 17, 2019:  9:30 – 11:30 am at St. Barnabas, Portland, and 2:30 – 4:30 pm at Church of the Good Samaritan, Corvallis.  Please participate. We need to hear from as many of you as possible in order to get these three important activities right.