I Choose Love

I Choose Love

Traffic is worse today in Oregon than it was when I arrived in the Northwest. There are many reasons, I am sure: more cars, more drivers, more ways to be distracted while driving, which leads to more accidents. But we all still get to decide how we will drive, and for the most part Oregon drivers continue to be good citizens. We let people in to a long line of cars, we signal our turns, and there are very few who abuse the rule of the road. I know that I have continued to try to leave enough time to get where I am going so that I do not have to speed.

It is a choice.

Of course, traffic is not the only thing in the world today that is worse than it was years ago. Politics, care of the earth, man’s inhumanity to others and to the world around us all seem to me to be in worse shape than before. But we all still get to decide how we will act in the world. And we can make the world a better place. We can be kind and loving, we can care for the world and each other, we can give for the good of others.

It is a choice and I choose love.

May your week, this week, be a time of love and joy.