Jumping In

Jumping In

Riding a bus to church in Cuernevaca

Good morning Friends:

I am writing to you from Mexico. It is Tuesday during our second week in Cuernavaca and we are deep into our studies. This morning we have classes from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. One is a conversation class, and the other focuses on grammar. So far everyone seems to be having a great time and enjoying the study, the teachers, and the interactions with staff and other classmates. We have been treated well and several people are already thinking of returning again next year. We are truly blessed.

During times like this I also have a bit of extra space to just sit and think and pray, and I feel deeply thankful for this as well. I was sitting in a coffee shop this morning and I started to think about faith, and how finding faith in God and growing in my faith is a lot like swimming. Yes, you heard right: swimming. I know a lot of people who are interested in faith and religion, but they are like people who want to learn to swim but have never dipped their feet in water. You can study swimming (or religion) all you want, but you will never begin to understand swimming (or faith) until you actually try it out. And even then you have many choices about how you will experience water — or faith in God.

Some individuals like to get into the water and just play around, while others use it to exercise. It may become a way of life, for those who scuba dive or teach children to swim.  Others are content to simply sit in a bath tub or sauna. We all have various relationships with water, and we have various relationships with faith. For some faith is a thing to be studied, for others it is a something to make them stronger, for others it is a way of life and for some it is a living.

However you experience your faith is fine, but I would make one main observation: it will always be theory until you jump in. Studying swimming will never get you to the point of understanding how water works on a body, and studying religion will never get you to the point of understanding how God works in one’s life. So, to those who like to study I say fine — now consider jumping in!

I pray you are well wherever you are in your journey of faith and that you will continue to experience the love of God in your life and in the life of those you know and care about. Jumping into the culture of Mexico continues to help me understand how blessed I am in life, and causes me to pause and give thanks to the Lord.


Go to an online photo album for a glimpse of how Bishop Michael and other participants are jumping in to language and culture learning in Cuernevaca.

2 thoughts on “Jumping In

  1. Absolutely true.
    I learned how to swim just for fun. Others do it as a sport yet, many others do it because they feel forced to do it, or because they need to learn how to swim, or else..
    My struggle is now with my wish to walk on the water. When I was learning how to swim somebody said, “don’t be afraid, just do this, or that I believed and I learned……. Jesus says that if I want to walk on the water, all I have to do is, step out the boat, but, I am ……. not sure; can someone has a second opinion?
    I am happy to see you’ all came back happy, blessed and weighing a few more pounds

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