June 8 Update: Walkabout and Electing Convention

June 8 Update: Walkabout and Electing Convention

Due to the continued threat of COVID-19 and the possibility that we may still be under some form of restriction in August, the Standing Committee has directed the Transition Committee to create both Walkabout and Electing Convention plans to abide by distancing guidelines, including limiting number of individuals gathering in one place. That has been done and the plans have been approved by both the Standing Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Bishop Candidate Walkabout: August 9-15

Candidates will appear in nine sessions in six different venues throughout the diocese. In-person attendance at Walkabout events will be limited to voting delegates (or alternate, if the delegate cannot attend) and clergy only.

The events will be live streamed so that all may participate. In addition, simultaneous Spanish translation will be offered for two sessions. The current Walkabout schedule is attached. Questions for the Walkabout events can be suggested at https://www.oregonbishopsearch.org/2020/05/30/submit-your-questions-for-the-candidates/

Electing Convention: August 29

Our Electing Convention will be “dispersed.” We will gather in small groups in 17 “polling sites” around the diocese, with each voting delegate and clergy assigned to a location. Assignments have been made with every effort to reduce travel time and gather delegations near where they reside.

The election will take place simultaneously throughout the diocese. The results of each ballot will be verified at the polling site by a member of the Standing Committee or other governing body and securely communicated to the ‘head table’ which will, in turn, inform the candidates and then the polling sites of the results of the ballot. We will ballot in this manner until our next bishop is elected. 

At the successful conclusion of voting, we hope to be greeted by the newly elected bishop electronically at all sites and online.

Voting delegates, alternates, and clergy will receive further instructions, including site assignments for Walkabout and Electing Convention, by email as the dates of these events draws near. 

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