Life after the Consecration

Life after the Consecration

I want to give thanks for all the hard work and loving care that you did to make the Consecration service such a wonderful experience for my family and me. You are good people, and I am blessed to be a part of your life in the Diocese of Oregon. I look forward to many good years of ministry together.

I especially want to thank the Diocesan staff, the Liturgy and Music Commission, and the Transition and Search Committees for their efforts. I am told that this consecration was one of the smoothest run in a long time. This is a testament to your good work.

The first few days following the consecration were filled with family and friends, good wishes, and a short time of blessed peace. Since then I have spent the majority of my time making 100 Day visits around the diocese. I’ve traveled from Oregon City to Corvallis, then on to McMinnville and Forest Grove, from Stayton to Monmouth, and later this week to Eugene and Medford, with the Bishop’s Ball thrown in for good measure. What I have found in each place has lifted my spirits and given me joy. There is much to be proud of in this diocese. Churches are working hard to let the spirit of Jesus shine forth in their midst. The hungry are being fed, the poor clothed, and good news is being preached in the land. God’s presence is all around.

So much to do, but so many hands to help; it is good.

I’ll see you soon,

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