Love for the sake of love

Love for the sake of love

Grace and Peace:

From time to time the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church meets to manage the business of the Church wide office and to reflect on other matters felt to be of importance to the church as a whole. At its last meeting, February 26-28 in Fort Worth Texas, the Council discussed the issue of domestic violence and passed a resolution on the subject. That resolution has now been given to the diocesan bishops of the church with an invitation to share it in whatever way we think best. I am including a link to this letter at the end of this post.

I commend it to you and invite you to share it in your particular context. Domestic violence must be condemned in all of its manifestations and as a community we are called to speak out and to act on behalf of the innocent. The list within the resolution of actions which need to be taken to protect the rights of victims and survivors is of critical importance as we move toward a world where all people are afforded the right to live in peace.

My friends we live in a time of great challenge. We live in a world threatened daily by violence, hatred, prejudice and bigotry. In our political discourse we hear calls for walls and the casting out of those who differ from us. We hear of fear and isolation and a return to the days when torture was normative. We hear politicians claim to be Christian while failing to love or to turn the other cheek. Yet, Jesus walked the way of the cross, and he did not ask his disciples to walk it for him. We may indeed have our own cross to carry and our own suffering to endure yet we do so in the shadow of the one who loved God with heart and soul and mind and strength and who loved neighbor as self.

It is time for those of us in the church to speak the truth in love and to remind the world that we follow one who lived and led from a position of love, always seeking to heal, to pray and to care for the least, the lost and the lonely. I offer you my voice this day, in love for the sake of love.

May you and yours follow in the way of the Cross this Holy Week to resurrection and new live in Christ Jesus.

+Michael Hanley
Bishop of Oregon

Executive Council Resolution AN 006:
Condemnation of Domestic Violence

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