Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry serves as counsel to the Bishop and works at times with the Standing Committee of the diocese, which has certain canonical responsibilities regarding ordination. This commission is comprised of two committees: the Committee on Ordained Ministry Development and the Committee for Baptismal Ministry. A member of each committee serves as a liaison to the other and the whole Commission meets together from time to time.  The COM is made up of lay and ordained members appointed at diocesan Convention.


Commission on Ministry

Committee for ORDAINED MINISTRY Development (COM-O)

The Commission on Ministry - Committee for Ordained Ministry Development (COM-O) assists the Bishop in regards to those seeking ordained ministry.  This committee assists congregations in the development of discernment resources and provides further discernment for a person once a call has been discerned at the congregational level.

When a call has been discerned at the diocesan level by the COM-O and the Bishop, the committee offers support and advice to those in the ordination process, interviews those in formation at various points in their process and makes recommendations to the Bishop. The Ordination Manual describes the steps and guidelines for those seeking ordination in detail.

The members of the Committee for Ordained Ministry Development are:

The Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley, Bishop
The Ven. Canon Carter Hawley, Vocations Coordinator
Helen Crandall, Convener (St. Michael & All Angels, Portland)
The Rev. Dcn. Maureen Hagen, Academy for Formation and Mission Liaison
Polly Bass (St. Gabriel's, Portland)
The Rev. Dcn. Kristina Burbank (St. James/Santiago, Lincoln City)
The Rev. Esme Culver (St. Aidan's, Gresham)
Jack Eft (Christ Church, Lake Oswego)
The Rev. Peter Fones (St. Matthew, Eugene)
The Rev. Dcn. Linda Goertz (Christ Church, Lake Oswego)
Terri Hoffman (St. Francis, Wilsonville)
The Rev. James Joiner (St. Michael & All Angels, Portland)
The Rev. Pippa Lindwright (St. Bartholomew's, Beaverton)
The Rev. Caroline Litzenberger (St. Michael & All Angels, Portland)
Liz O'Callaghan (St. John the Baptist, Portland)
The Rev. LouAnn Pickering (St. Gabriel's, Portland)
Bob Rose (St. Paul, Oregon City)
Leigh Wilson (Trinity, Portland)

Committee for BAPTISMAL MINISTRY Development (COM-B)

At Baptism, Christians are given the gift and calling to Christian service.  Discernment of particular baptismal ministries is a dynamic, life-long process.  The Commission on Ministry – Committee for Baptismal Ministry (COM-B) develops discernment tools and pathways for all members of the Church discerning participation and leadership, including The Deacon's Resource for those in discernment for the diaconate in the Diocese of Oregon.

This committee can train teams at the parish level to assist members in transition at any time. Our goal is to have a trained team in place in every parish. Our members have gone out to several churches this past year for trainings and are also available to do presentations at adult forums, vestry meetings or informal gatherings at your church as well.

The members of the Committee on Baptismal Ministry are:

Term ending 2020:
Sonja Miller  (All Saints, Portland)
The Rev. Bob Morrison  (St. Alban's, Albany)
Juanita Weber  (St. David of Wales, Portland)

Term ending 2021:
The Rev. Steve Ellis  (St. Paul's, Salem)
Michele Hogan  (St. Luke's, Waldport)
Liz Klein  (St. John the Baptist, Portland)
Marcia Newberry  (St. Luke's, Waldport)

Term ending 2022:
The Rev. Andria Skornik  (All Saints, Portland)
Rose Thomas  (St. Mary's, Eugene)
Lianne Thompson  (St. Catherine of Alexandria, Manzanita/Nehalem)

Staff Liaison:  The Rev. Canon Neysa Ellgren Shepley