Academy for Formation and Mission

Academy for Formation and Mission

acad_logo_redThe mission of the Academy is to develop a community of seekers, workers, learners and listeners eager to carry out the Gospel in word and action. It does so primarily through rigorous, semester-long course work integrated with in-depth practical experience, providing lay and ordained leaders with the theological education and spiritual formation to serve the ever-changing and challenging 21st-Century church.

The Academy for Formation and Mission provides a quality, affordable, diocesan formation opportunity for priests, deacons, and lay leaders. The Academy’s course work, practical experience, and community life prepare students for traditional and pioneer ministries. Enrollment is limited, but we are dedicated to developing classes that enable all participants to grow more fully in their ministries.

For a look at a three-year plan of study, download this document: Three year course design (updated August 2020)

Fall Term 2020

Friday Evenings

(5:00-5:50): Faith Meets World – Beloved Community
An exploration of baptismal, diaconal, and presbyteral formation in the context of Becoming Beloved Community.

(7:00-9:00): Leadership
Are leaders born or made? How do they work within systems? How do they bring along others? This class looks at leadership through the lens of the congregation, the community, and beyond. How is leadership evolving and how will we adapt to change? The Rev. Shana McCauley.  

Saturday Mornings

(9:00-12:00): Historical Theology I
Students explore the evolution of doctrine from the pre-Nicene church through the late Middle Ages, indeed emphasizing how “praying shapes believing” and keeping theological propositions within the context of the worshiping life of the church. An ever-popular instructor, Dr. Shawn Keough (Mt. Angel Seminary) engages students and helps them integrate theological perspectives.
- Syllabus -

Saturday Afternoons

(12:00-1:00): Academy Worship is student-led and includes a homily and debriefing.

(2:00-5:00): Prayer Book Liturgy
This course familiarizes students with the history, development, structure, and content of the Book of Common Prayer, with special emphasis on the Rites of Holy Eucharist. The Rev.Canon Raggs Ragan, D.Min. is Diocesan Canon for Liturgy.

Class Dates:
18/19 September * 2/3 & 23/24 October * 13/14 November * 4/5 & 18/19 December

Classes are held online via Zoom. (Asynchronous learning available)

Registration information:
Students may register for one, two, or three courses. All are welcome! The registration deadline is September 15, 2020.

Download the AFM Fall Term 2020 Application (word doc)

Download the AFM Spring Term 2020 Application (pdf)

Questions? Contact Dean Maureen Hagen at

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

The Academy offers Clinical-Pastoral Education/Clinical Pastoral Training through partnership with a variety of clinical sites, certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP).

We offer CPE in both full-time (40 hours per week) and part-time formats.  The full-time unit will be offered for 10 weeks beginning in June 2020. The part-time, non-residential unit will begin in October. The part-time unit is designed for those who experience geographic or life-circumstance barriers to full-time training.

Learn more about the 2020 CPE opportunities.