Latino Ministries

Latino Ministries

Latino Ministry

Diocesan Vision Statement

Gathered in the love of God in Christ and accepting of diversity, the Diocese of Oregon actively nourishes renewal and growth,

The Latino Ministry of the Diocese has been blessed with two new congregations offering services in Spanish, St. James/Santiago Tigard and St. Bede Forest Grove, with a total of eleven congregations having Latino Ministry as part of their mission. In addition, seven other congregations are actively engaged in developing this ministry.

cares for creation, and values the unique gifts of all as we encourage innovation to meet the needs of the 21st century church.

In order to better serve and utilize the Diocesan resources, the Latino Ministry is using regions as a way for the communities to help each other in their missional work.

Continuing with the vision and support of last year’s Diocesan Convention, the two Regional Latino Missioners worked with the congregations of their region developing pastoral programs responding and assisting the needs of the community.

Diocesan Strategic Directions

Congregational Life

The Latino Ministry has been supporting and creating opportunities to nourish the community life with workshops, presentations, and liturgical materials, and supplying clergy services, when needed.

Diocesan Mission

In partnership with our Diocese Godly Play Program and the Diocese of Olympia, Godly Play training in Spanish took place in June 2014
Our sixth Latino Camp was a great success at Suttle Lake
November 08, 2014, first “Retiro Familiar” (Family Retreat)
December 20, 2014, Traditional Posada at Trinity Cathedral from 5 to 7 pm

Leadership Development

Three Latino youths were present at EYE in Philadelphia
Participation of five Latino youth counselors at Latino Camp
Several Latino youths are members of the Vestry/BAC in their congregation

Gospel Justice

We are engaged in conversations with the Lutheran Synod in Regional strategic pastoral work
Our Plaza Comunitaria “Encuentro” continues offering education programs to the community

Latino Ministry Mission Statement:

“Create Dynamic Faithful Communities of the Body of Christ that Nourish, Strengthen, and Develop Christ’s disciples in the Episcopal Church Tradition.”

Roberto Arciniega

Roberto Arciniega

Latino Missioner