New Earthquake Preparedness Resources Available

New Earthquake Preparedness Resources Available

Just added to the “Planning and Aids” section of the Diocesan Disaster Preparedness page is a Power Point program which provides a presentation on how to prepare for an earthquake. There are two versions of the presentation: the first includes narration, while the second version is silent but has a script available. Each is designed to last less than 30 minutes. They are appropriate for a time just after service or between services.

If a personal presentation is preferred, contact the Diocesan Disaster Coordinator at There are members of the team around the state who are more than willing to come to your parish and make the presentation.

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  1. this is what i do at St Timothy’s in Brookings, we are recognized by the city and county as well as the Towolowa de Na Ni Tribe, in Smith River, Calif. this year we are a focal point for the Minuteman/Triton 32 ex, starting today. we serve as ecomms hub, medical collection point, as well as forward treatment center and clinic…we also provide long term feeding/sheltering and are working with the city/county for resistance and rebuilding…on the downside: lots of meetings and long hours, challenging fund raising(right now we are pretty much self all levels, and still have funds left from a grant 5 yrs ago) and are planning to reopen our free medical clinic…hopefully this fall we just need a MD to review 10% of our medical records(can be done via EMR’s)as our providers are PA’s..we teach Cert classes for the county, and ameture radio communications (VHF/HF and fldigi) /higher levels of field/emergency medi. based on the field medic program used by the military(the skills, not the combat, but disasters are often like combat in someways)..we teach CERT with the county and are active with the Med Reserve Corp…we train, plan and exercise as well, as working with those we serve in the community, not only on physical needs but on phycological need(crisis intervention/cousuling/substance abuse…sort of full service….but it works and works well…yes i am interested and aslo looking for a MD/DO who would be willing to sign off on 10% of charts(we do not write for schedualed/controlled drug..ever…n or do we have them on site…way too much temptation for many of our pts)…got lots of things working and in the works

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