October 2019 Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Our Churches and Disaster

October 2019 Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Our Churches and Disaster

From our Disaster Preparedness Program coordinator Sheryl Gerety (sheryl.gerety@gmail.com): a monthly, seasonally appropriate checklist page to help us tackle preparing for a disaster in manageable steps.

Are you going to Convention? Visit our table to meet us, to look at your “page” on the Assets Map and to chat about crafting disaster preparedness plans for yourself, for your church members.

Encourage Home Preparation

  • Put together emergency kits, store extra food and water
  • Make portable records of our documents and passwords
  • Develop emergency escape routes by car and by foot
  • Create a family meet-up plan with a specific meeting place, remembering that (when safe) sheltering in place is the best option

People are on the Move

  • Sea level rise for our coastal communities, extreme weather and other events triggered gy global climate change (such as migration of disease vectors) are forcing people to relocate
  • Communities have been so devastated that the resources required to rebuild are not available
  • Insurance is rising in cost and no longer available in some locations

What’s in Store for Us

  • Come communities in the diocese are fire-prone: Curry, Josephine, Jackson, and Douglas; these counties have areas of severe risk, as do developments in Lane County south of Eugene
  • Flooding at levels we haven’t seen is possible given the torrential rain events occurring around the nation
  • Cascadia is an event we may not see in our lifetimes, but then it’s waiting for our descendants down the road

Ministry to Climate Refugees

  • Heat, traffic, pollution, catastrophic flooding, threat of losing insurance are driving relocations
  • New residents put pressure on cities, school districts, hospitals, assisted living facilities, food pantries
  • Start a conversation about newcomers to the community

What We are Reading

Diocese of Oregon Disaster Preparedness Contacts

Sheryl Gerety sheryl.gerety@gmail.com
Annette Rankin arrmft@gmail.com
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