The Deacon’s Resource

The Deacon’s Resource

Thank you for stopping by this page.  It is designed to be a resource page for deacons and those in discernment for the diaconate in the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon.

This page is a work in progress.  Please contact the Ven. Canon Carter Hawley at if you have comments or suggestions.


  • A huge thank you to Rev. Deacon Laurel Hart for pulling together the 2019 Bishop’s Visitation Schedule for Deacons.  A copy is available here: Bishop Hanley’s Visitation Schedule – 2019.  If you are scheduled and haven’t heard from Carter Hawley a few weeks before the date, please check in with her to confirm details.


There’s a process that happens, both within the church, and within you, and that process takes time!  Be patient, as God’s call is persistent. Below are some resources:

Congregational Discernment Committee: People aspiring to be ordained as a deacon are considered aspirants. You need to start by having a congregational discernment committee at your parish. Check with the rector to see if a committee has recently been trained. If you have no committee, or no recent training, your first step is to get a group trained.  For more information about discernment training, check with any member of the Commission on Ministry for the Baptized Information linked here.

The Academy for Formation and Mission: High quality classes you’ll need to demonstrate competencies for being a deacon.  The classes are also great for continuing education for all deacons, or for lay leaders.

Although there are many steps to go through, eventually, you’ll want to be aware of what is required in the Ordination Manual

If you have any questions about the deacon formation or ordination process, please contact The Ven. Canon Carter Hawley,


Sample Letter of Agreement between a deacon, rector and bishop.

The Deacon’s CustomaryThe Deacon’s Customary has been written to clarify the role of deacons as ordained ministers in service to the world and to the church, and to communicate the ways in which deacons will function and be supported in the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon. These customs shall be regarded and observed in this diocese by lay persons, bishops, and presbyters as well as deacons.

Association for Episcopal Deacons – The Association for Episcopal Deacons (AED) is a national organization for deacons. Their website and conferences are invaluable. There are deacons in all states, who’ve had many of the same issues and challenges as you.  Check out the website, and consider becoming a member.