Diocesan Webhosting Initiative

Diocesan Webhosting Initiative

The purpose of this program is to provide the churches of the Diocese of Oregon a consistent and effective platform on which to develop their web presence. All churches in the diocese have the option to house their website on the server used by the diocese. There are no charges other than for domain registration for the basic services provided. Charges may be incurred for premium (paid for) web services.

Churches with existing websites are welcome to move their content or, working with a consultant from the Initiative Team, have a WordPress-based website developed for them. The diocese will provide a basic website template, and a consultant from the Technology Committee who will help you configure your new website to your congregation’s needs. If there will be additional charges for hosting, that will be discovered in this process.

The Diocese of Oregon is providing this resource for all of our churches, but the intention of this initiative is to provide this service for churches that have limited resources. For that reason, if your church has had an ongoing and consistently maintained web presence, please continue your work so that the resources of the diocesan offices can be put to use for those that have less.

For all the information and guidelines needed for hosting your church website with the diocese, please download the document linked below.

Webhosting Initiative Document

There have been important changes to options for website hosting and building. Please read the update below if you are interested in using the diocesan server.

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