Policies/Procedures & other Manuals

Policies/Procedures & other Manuals

The Policies and Procedures Manual of the Diocese of Oregon is a supporting document for lay and clergy church leadership.

Policies and Procedures Manual (updated August 2017)

The Licensed Ministries Manual exists to aid baptized persons who wish to serve in one of specific ministries requiring a license to discern and describe their ministry, in prayerful collaboration with their clergy. It is presumed throughout this document that the particular ministry is being called forth by the local congregation as well as being identified by the individual and the clergy person in charge of the congregation. Licensing for one or more of these particular ministries within the local congregation, or other congregations in the Diocese, is at the direction of the priest in charge and the Bishop.

Licensed Ministries Manual (2012)

The Deacon’s Customary has been written to clarify the role of deacons as ordained ministers in service to the world and to the church, and to communicate the ways in which deacons will function and be supported in the Diocese of Oregon. These customs shall be regarded and observed in this diocese by lay persons, bishops, and presbyters as well as deacons.

The Deacon’s Customary

The Diocesan Personnel Manual (providing guidelines and expectations for the Bishop’s Staff) is available for consultation from the diocesan office.