The Diocesan Consultant Network

The Diocesan Consultant Network

What is the Consultant Network?

An association of lay and clergy who serve the Diocese of Oregon as skilled consultants.

They bring a wide variety of skills and competencies to congregations, diocesan program groups, and specific diocesan wide initiatives.

What they provide

  • Mutual Ministry Reviews
  • Vestry retreat facilitation
  • Program and leadership development consultation
  • Strategic planning or any other area in which the skills of an outside consultant would be beneficial
  • Assistance to congregations in transition
  • Parish-wide congregational development sessions
  • Mutual discernment: anything requiring parish-wide listening and decision making processes
  • Conflict consultations
  • Stewardship consultations

Fee schedule for consultants

The following are the standard fees for diocesan consultants:

  • Meeting (per hour): $ 50.00 + expenses
  • One Day Vestry Retreat (6 hours): $300.00 + expenses
  • Two Day Vestry Retreat (8+ hours): $400.00 + expenses
  • Note: Some funding may be available from the Bishop’s office to offset these costs in case of financial needs.

How to find a consultant

Neysa Ellgren

Canon to the Ordinary