Search Committee Application

Search Committee Application

The application period is now closed.

October 1, 2019 Update: our Diocesan Profile is live! Visit the 11th Bishop of Oregon Search and Transition website to read it and view information on how to apply or nominate a prospective candidate.

Dear Friends in Christ,

The search for a new bishop is, at its best, a Spirit-filled process of introspection on the part of the diocese, attempting to discern who it is and therefore what sort of person can best lead it into the future, and specifically identifying individuals who believe they are called to be the next bishop of Oregon. The group is charged with developing an accurate profile of our diocese to share with people throughout the larger church, then prayerfully evaluating applications in order to select a slate of finalists to present to the people of this diocese for our consideration is the Search Committee.

One of the many tasks of the Standing Committee of a diocese in transition is selecting people to serve on the Search Committee. As your Standing Committee we are pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Loring has graciously agreed to serve as Search Committee chair.  The Standing Committee and Martin will meet on June 6 to review applications in order to select members of the Search Committee. Diocesan canons call for the Search Committee to be made up of both lay and ordained individuals, and to include people from all our convocations.

The sort of individuals we are seeking are ones who understand how the diocese operates and what a bishop does. They likewise need to be knowledgeable about the Episcopal Church, its liturgy, history, and polity (how the church works). We are seeking people who are respected throughout the diocese by both laity and clergy. Committee members need to be able to keep in mind the big picture of what is best for the diocese. They need to be well-organized, focused, and able to take on tasks and complete them on time and within budget. Being able to work as part of a team, hear what others have to say and respect what others bring to the table are also important traits of a Search Committee member. It is particularly important that Search Committee members be good listeners, able to conduct surveys, interviews, and listening sessions and then organize and synthesize what they have learned from a variety of sources. It will also be important to have someone who is “tech savvy” on the committee.

The work of the Search Committee will begin with an orientation retreat at St. Thomas, Eugene, June 28 and 29. Over the summer and into the fall the Search Committee will be responsible for developing a diocesan profile that can be presented at Diocesan Convention October 25-26. This profile will then be electronically distributed throughout the Episcopal Church prior to nominations being accepted during the first part of December. The committee will need to evaluate the applications received during January and February prior to selecting a group of semifinalists by the end of February. These individuals will be invited to a discernment retreat in mid-March, after which the Search Committee will identify the list of finalists who will be announced to the diocese on or about March 30, 2020.

If you feel you possess the gifts needed to be a member of the Search Committee, we ask that you complete the application below by the end of the day Monday, June 3, 2019.

If you do not feel called yourself but know people you feel would be excellent Search Committee members, please contact them and ask them to consider applying. With gratitude for the gifts God has given the people of this diocese, we ask you to keep both the Standing, Search, and when it is formed, Transition Committees in your prayers.

Your Standing Committee:
Sharon Rodgers, President, The Rev. David Sweeney, Secretary, James Johnson, The Rev. Karen Tiegs, Laurea Arnoldt, The Rev. Nancy Gallagher, Toni Phipps, The Rev. Patricia Hale