Seeing the Blessing

Seeing the Blessing

Looking at Mt. Hood from the lawn of the Bishop’s Close, office of the Diocese of Oregon

The mountain is out today and that is a blessing.

In these days of natural and man-made suffering we are called to prayer as we empathize with those in pain. We act as we speak out and give financially to the relief efforts. These are acts of love by which we seek to heal this suffering world. Prayer and action are a blessing.

I can see Mt. Hood out my office window and that is a blessing.

At times the weight of suffering is heavy and hard to bear. At times we are called to carry others and at times we are the carried. Both are blessings.

Today the waitress at lunch was uncommonly joyful, my lunch partner was a delight, and these were blessings.

On Monday, weighed down by the news of yet another mass shooting, one of the clergy of this diocese posted a photo on Facebook of a sunrise over the mountains. The priest asked for strength and I found strength and that was a blessing.

The mountain is out today and that is a blessing. What are you blessed by this day?