Seeking a Half-time+ Rector for St. Barnabas, McMinnville

Seeking a Half-time+ Rector for St. Barnabas, McMinnville

St. Barnabas. McMinnvilleWe are a vibrant parish serving our community since 1874, with 135 baptized members and an average Sunday attendance of 75. We value weekly Eucharist, mutual ministry, education, fellowship, and outreach ministries.

To that end, St. Barnabas seeks a half- to three-quarter-time Rector who:

  • Has a compelling spiritual life and a passion for the Gospel
  • Is extroverted and active in the community
  • Seeks to create Episcopal worship services that bring current members into the presence of God and attract others into that presence.
  • Works with a collaborative model of ministry on all levels
  • Enjoys a variety of music and seeks to enhance that ministry within the church
  • Is a capable leader who believes in mutual ministry, expecting and supporting lay leadership (including youth and children) in all church’s ministries
  • Be on the board and the “executive director” of our soup kitchen which has been serving meals for 27 years, currently 4 days a week and a total of over 30,000 meals a year. There is an employed person who oversees the day to day operation.
  • Is accessible and has an open communication style
  • Actively engage the Linfield College community
  • Willingly responds to the needs of members during times of personal crisis and visit those who can’t get to church
  • Will help facilitate Christian education for children and adults
  • Actively participates (but does not have to lead) in fellowship and outreach activities

St. Barnabas is open to calling a transitional deacon or seminarian who is willing to commit to our church

Sometimes it’s good to know what won’t work, here are a few:

  • A non-people person who is not actively engaged both in and outside the church
  • Someone who likes and/or needs to make many of the decisions
  • People who like to run the church only from their office
  • Someone who feels they have all the answers and things will be done only their way

If interested, please submit your application, including a cover letter, resume and OTM Portfolio, to the attention of the Rev. Canon Neysa Ellgren Shepley at .

 McMinnville is a city of a little over 30,000 residents.  The city has very strong schools and an active business community.  As is true with many communities, we have many churches that minister to a wide range of theological and worship styles.  There is a strong group of mainline pastors that meet regularly.  McMinnville is an hour from Portland and the airport, and 45 minutes from the ocean.  It lies in the middle of wine country and has two monasteries within 30 minutes. Linfield College is a presence in the community. There is a local hospital, and virtually every other basic need can be met here.  The city is growing, and the church is ripe for growth. The physical plant is in very good shape with a new roof, soup kitchen, redone narthex, elevator, organ, and carillon.  These were all paid for by grants and the generosity of our members and the community.