SS. Peter and Paul seek Part-time Building Curator

SS. Peter and Paul seek Part-time Building Curator

Position: Building Curator at the Parish of San Pedro y San Pablo/ Saints Peter and Paul Episcopal Church at 247 SE 82nd Avenue

We are currently engaged in a search process for a new .5 Priest-in-charge, and the responsibilities of this position are subject to change when this person is selected.



  • Participate in all decisions regarding research, deliberation and execution of new projects and programs within the church and surrounding community. This will involve collaboration with the rector, music director, vestry/concilio, and other stakeholders.
  • Attend and participate in Vestry/Concilio meetings. Ensure that all building-use and maintenance concerns are presented to parish leadership.
  • Participate in all decisions regarding rates, fees and expenses for building use and upkeep.
  • Collect and (when needed) provide summaries about building expenses and income from various building-use sources.

Building Use:

  • Primary contact for all groups and individuals who are renting the space. Respond to all building use inquiries in a timely manner. Oversee building use schedule, rentals, etc.
  • Continue to explore and develop community relations in expanding rental susage.
  • Coordinate with the Office Administrator to keep schedule and other website information current and accessible to the public.
  • Ensure that the facility is clean and secure before and after it is used by an outside group.
  • Communicate with regular building-users (from within and outside SsPP) about concerns that arise, including but not limited to: cleanliness, conduct, security, and use of church property or supplies.

Building Care

  • Work in coordination with the Vestry/Concilio; Junior Wardens and Priest-in Charge
  • Oversee general building security.
  • Provide oversight over grounds and interior cleanliness. This is an oversight  The curator is not responsible to complete all cleaning and maintenance themselves.  They may coordinate the work, delegate or oversee paid and/or volunteers who complete needed tasks.
  • Communicate with and oversee paid janitorial staff, as needed.
  • Make needs known to the parish and assist volunteers to organize for special maintenance projects, clean-up days, etc.

Community Relations:

  • Represent the community of StsP&P to the community, including the neighborhood of Montevilla, as needed. This may include sharing about our ministries, addressing concerns, and offering our resources.

Minimum requirements

  • Basic office and computer skills
  • Availability to attend meetings
  • Successful background check
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills

The preferred candidate will:

  • Be bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Have, or have access to, reliable transportation
  • Have a passion for outreach and social justice
  • Have problem solving skills

The current position is at 10 hours a week and is paid a monthly salary of $700.00

Download the Curator Position Description

Download the Curator Job Application