St. James the Apostle, Coquille, seeks a full-time Vicar

St. James the Apostle, Coquille, seeks a full-time Vicar

St. James the Apostle Episcopal Church

We give you thanks, O gracious and loving God,
for your many blessings upon St. James.
Grant us the strength and courage to love and serve you
with gladness and singleness of heart,
through Christ our Lord.

This prayer reflects who we are at St. James. At the very heart of our existence is our gracious and loving God. This love permeates our very being and shapes us as we strive to grow in our love for God and to serve God with gladness and singleness of heart.

We are a warm, gracious, and faithful community. We recognize our imperfection and open ourselves up to being shaped by God through worship and prayer, education, and service. Because of this, we are looking for a vicar who is ablaze with this love of God and who will help us grow in faithfulness and singleness of heart.

St. James, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, is a small and aging, though vital, congregation located in Coquille, Oregon. We are an active and well-respected part of our community, and we seek to share God’s love through our worship and activities and through our service in and to our community.

Here is what we wish to highlight about ourselves in this brief introduction:

Worship and Liturgical Style
We are a very welcoming parish and our services follow the traditional liturgical style of The Book of Common Prayer. Lay participation is very important to us, so we have the laity involved as lectors, worship leaders, and Eucharistic ministers. In addition to our Sunday services and other Major Feasts, we have a number of other services, such as a weekly healing service that includes Holy Eucharist, a weekly prayer breakfast, Blessing of the Animals in our local park, and special joint services with the Lutherans and Methodists.

Ministry and Outreach Programs
Our ministry is an outpouring of our identity as faithful believers and followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in Coquille, our diocese, and throughout the world. Part of our ministry is to make our facility available to organizations and groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Hospice grief counseling, that serve the Coquille community. In addition, we have been actively involved in community outreach; for example, we provide volunteer staffing at the Coquille Ministerial Association Food Bank, we have helped serve meals at the Senior Meals in the Coquille Community Center, and our Shawl ministry continues to profoundly touch people in our parish and beyond. Finally, we want to highlight one of our outreach projects in Africa. We support The Little Scholar’s School in Tanzania financially and through prayer. It is important to us to keep in touch with this school through letters and photos.

Christian Education
Christian education is an important part of our spiritual formation and fellowship at St. James. Four times a year, on Wednesday evenings, educational events are held that include either supper or dessert prepared by members of the congregation. These classes are well attended and have covered a variety of topics, including the history of The Book of Common Prayer, the history of the Episcopal Church in America, different ways to pray, the Jesus Prayer, the labyrinth, and the use of collage in spirituality. We have recently invited the Lutherans and Methodists to join us for some of our educational events.

Our Expectations of Our New Vicar

The following is a brief sketch of our expectations of our new vicar. We expect our vicar to be:

  • Active and visible in Coquille as well as live in Coquille.
  • A dynamic preacher and communicator whose sermons are informed by his/her own spiritual life.
  • A caring and compassionate counselor and a person with a great sense of humor.
  • A strong liturgist and spiritual leader who takes his/her own prayer life seriously and can be a guide for us in our own spiritual journey.
  • A good administrator with IT skills and an interest in developing St. James’s social media presence.
  • Able to lead us in church growth.
  • Excited to collaborate and partner with the laity at St. James in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

To Apply
Send your resume, OTM Portfolio and cover letter to the Rev. Canon Neysa Ellgren Shepley at