Strengthening our Vocations

Strengthening our Vocations

child looking in a mirrorHere is a small “gift” I shared with the attendees at Clergy Conference that I thought I might share with the rest of the leadership of the diocese:

In my wife’s research for the House of Bishops, she used the work of the poet David Whyte, who suggests that all humans have three vocations: to self, to work, and to family. David then suggests that any positive movement towards one of these three vocations necessarily strengthens the other two. (It is not a zero-sum game.)

Make a positive change in your vocation to self and your vocations to work and family are strengthened. It is that simple an idea. What we as human beings are asked to do is engage in a fierce conversation with ourselves around this topic: what difficult question or issue am I avoiding?

Discover this, make a commitment to change your behavior to strengthen that vocation and you will have necessarily strengthened the other two. One example: in January I had a fierce conversation with myself about my vocation to self. I admitted that I was doing a poor job of staying healthy. That conversation lead to a commitment to an exercise program that I am able – largely – to maintain, and in doing so my vocation to family and job were, I believe, strengthened.

The clergy and lay leaders of this diocese do good and difficult work, often overworked and undercompensated. It is no one’s job to see that we attend to the important vocations of our lives; it is up to us.

My gift to you is to consider a fierce conversation with yourself sometime soon. You are worth it.