Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention

The 132nd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Oregon will be at the Salem Convention Center on October 30 & 31. Pre-Convention events will take place October 29.


For more details visit our Convention website convention.diocese-oregon.org.

Electing Convention Delegates

A ballot box used by Convention Delegates to submit their votes rests on the floor next to a chair and feet in black shoes and socks.

As we enter the season of congregational annual meetings, our churches will elect delegates to attend two conventions in 2020. The Electing Convention is Saturday, June 27 at Trinity Cathedral, Portland, and the Diocesan Convention October 29 – 31 at the Salem Convention Center.

Below are the abbreviated canonical rules about electing delegates. Please note the names of the delegates are to be sent to the diocesan office within 30 days of their election. This assists us in planning and preparing the many logistics of the convention, such as delegate packets, nametags, and electronic voting devices.

Consider delegates who will make time to prepare for each convention. For the Electing Convention, this includes attending a Walkabout session to learn more about the bishop candidates. Preparation for Diocesan Convention occurs at convocation meetings and through attention to diocesan communications.

Abbreviated Canonical Rules About Electing Convention Delegates

(For the full rules, consult the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon Canon 1.3)

  • The Lay Delegates from each congregation shall be elected by its Annual Meeting, unless the congregation’s by-laws make other provisions.
  • Delegates shall be communicants in good standing in the Parishes and Missions they represent, and shall be at least 16 years of age. Alternates shall be elected in the same manner, with the same qualifications.
  • Each Delegate shall serve for a period of one year from election or until a successor is chosen.
  • Notice of the election of Delegates shall be sent by the congregation to the Secretary of Convention within 30 days of their election.

The Transition Committee and Diocesan Staff appreciate your cooperation.  With two conventions, the Presiding Bishop’s visit in June, and vacations, your timely submission of delegate names will facilitate smooth completion of our preparatory duties.

Thank you,
The Transition Committee

Follow all the news about the process of calling our next bishop on the 11th Bishop of Oregon Search and Transition website.

2019 Diocesan Committee Appointments

The following people were appointed to serve in diocesan roles at the 131st Annual Convention on October 25 and 26, 2019 at the Salem Convention Center:

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Shawn Dickerson (three-year clergy term)
D. Rebecca Snow (three-year lay term)

Commission on Ministry

Terri Hoffman, Convener

Committee for Ordained Ministry Development (five-year terms):
Bob Rose
Steve Clinton
The Rev. Deacon Allan Miles

Committee for Baptismal Ministry Development:
The Rev. Andria Skornik (three-year term)
Lianne Thompson (three-year term)
Rose Thomas (three-year term)
The Rev. Steve Ellis (two-year term)


Convocation Deans:
Central: the Rev. Judith Jones
Columbia: the Rev. Jaime Sanders
Metro East: the Rev. Jonna Alexander
South Coast: the Rev. Tim Hannon
Southern: the Rev. Ernestein Flemister
Sunset: the Rev. Beth Mallon
Willamette: the Rev. Fred Heard

Convocation Presidents:
Central: Jerry Jacobson
Columbia: James Baxendale
Metro East: Barbara Bullard
South Coast: Pending
Southern: David McFadden
Sunset: Will Silvertsen
Willamette: Martin Loring

Convention Election Results for Diocesan Leadership

The following people were elected to diocesan leadership positions at the 131st Annual Convention, October 25 and 26, 2019 at the Salem Convention Center:

Standing Committee:

The Rev. Agustin Valadez (four-year clergy term)
The Rev. Karen Tiegs (one-year clergy term)
Megan Colwell (four-year lay term)

Board of Trustees

The Rev. Brendan Barnicle (three-year clergy term)
Lianne Thompson (three-year lay term)

Diocesan Council

The Rev. Anne Abdy (three-year clergy term)
The Rev. Marlene Mutcher (three-year clergy term)
Edith Arriaga-Flores (three-year lay term)
Maria Pastrana (three-year lay term)

Trinity Cathedral Chapter

The Rev. Andria Skornik (three-year term)

General Convention Deputies


The Ven. Canon Carter Hawley
The Rev. Wes Sedlacek
The Rev. Roberto Maldonado-Mercado
The Rev. Kerlin Richter

The Rev. Gavin Shumate
The Rev. Robert Bryant
The Rev. Deacon Diane Higgins
The Rev. Tom Sramek, Jr.


Alan Murray
Sydney Fitzpatrick
D. Rebecca Snow
Toni Phipps

Rose Thomas
Martin Loring
Marla Lowen
Cindy Russell

Progress Continues: 11th Bishop of Oregon Search and Transition Update

By Martin Loring, Chair, 11th Bishop of Oregon Search Committee

The process toward calling our next Bishop is well underway. The application period has closed, and we are pleased to have received 31 applications which is well above average for the 2018-19 episcopal elections. The Committee will meet soon to decide who to interview. In the months to come, the committee will interview candidates by Zoom and then semi-finalists will be invited to a discernment retreat. The final slate of three to four will be announced in early March.

In the meantime, we are very grateful for the comments, questions and support from diocesan convention. The Rev. Tim Hannon and Ms. Mary Adams presented on the process toward the creation of the profile and the profile itself. They shared that: “We [the Diocese of Oregon] are looking for a spiritual, adaptive leader who builds strong relationships by taking the time to listen, and who is able to help us find creative solutions to diocesan issues in a culturally responsive manner.”

Overall, 241 delegates reported an average of 3.8 out of 5 as a numerical score on their satisfaction with the process. Delegates also weighed in on what they would add going forward which varied from comments on process, on the summary statement, on hopes for the new bishop and other aspects of the search. The committee will read, examine and inwardly digest them to inform the search going forward.

Until March, information will necessarily be fairly confidential and the committee anticipates few updates. Please pray for us and for the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Welcoming the Stranger

At the 131st Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, delegates voted to approve the following resolution.

Resolution of Policy: Welcoming the Stranger

RESOLVED that the 131st Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon urge all congregations and their members to support and participate in training and educational opportunities to offer sacred welcome to immigrants and refugees; and be it further

RESOLVED that, as part of this training, the Diocesan Commission for Sanctuary will offer workshops on offering sacred welcome to immigrants and refugees in the Portland metro area on November 16 at St. Francis, Wilsonville, and in the central portion of the Diocese on November 23 at St. Thomas, Eugene; and be it further

RESOLVED that, as a follow-up to the Workshops, the Diocesan Commission for Sanctuary will offer a plan for a series to be offered in diocesan congregations exploring aspects of the reality of offering sacred welcome to immigrants and refugees; and be it further

RESOLVED that all congregations of the Diocese be urged to offer the series either this coming Advent (2019), during the Sundays after Epiphany (2020), or in Lent (2020) in a format appropriate for their congregation.


This resolution is inspired by the resolution titled, “Confronting Hate, Racism, and Poverty in the Diocese of Oregon,” approved by the 129th Convention of the Diocese of Oregon in 2017. Among its several resolves, this resolution called for the creation of a Commission for Sanctuary to provide guidance on implementing the Biblical imperative to welcome the stranger.

The Biblical imperative is, of course, evident throughout the Scriptures, but is perhaps most clearly stated in the parable of the Good Samaritan: Jesus’ answer to the lawyer’s question, “Who is my neighbor?” At the end of that parable, Jesus tells the lawyer to “go and do likewise.”

But also providing foundational support for both this proposed resolution and the one approved in 2017, are our Baptismal Vows, where we promise that, with God’s help, we will

  • Continue in the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship and in the breaking of the bread and in the prayers
  • Persevere in resisting evil and whenever you fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord
  • Proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ
  • Seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself
  • Strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being

And while the last two of these promises may seem to pertain most clearly to this resolution, in fact, all are embodied in our efforts to follow Jesus’ lead as we identify our neighbors and embrace the strangers among us.

This resolution is also a response to the Resolution (C009), of the Episcopal Church, meeting in its General Convention in July 2018, which recommended “that its institutions and congregations become places of welcome, refuge, healing, and other forms of material and pastoral support for those targeted for deportation due to immigration status or some perceived status of difference.” It further encouraged “its members to connect with local and national sanctuary communities and institutions, faith-based coalitions, and immigrant rights groups and coalitions, and engage in educating, organizing, advocacy, and direct action” with the focus of ensuring “the safety, security, and due process for immigrants.”

In keeping with the resolution of The Episcopal Church (C009), this resolution offers ways for all of us in the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon to learn more about the plight and needs of immigrants and refugees, within and beyond our worshipping communities, and how best to accompany them as they confront countless daunting obstacles to their health, safety, and general well-being.

There will be no financial impact on the 2020 Operating Budget of the Diocese of Oregon. The workshops will be funded by an endowment grant from a congregation within the Diocese.

Diocesan Fall Youth Event



As part of the 131st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Oregon, St. Paul’s, Salem will host youth (grades 6-12) from around the diocese for the Fall Youth Event.

We will attend a session of the 131st Annual Diocesan Convention and explore the theme Common Prayer, Common Vision. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity for fun and faith-filled fellowship!

The cost is $25 per person (scholarships are available). Click here to register online. 

The registration deadline is October 20.

Click here to download the Fall Youth Event 2019 flyer.

Questions? Please contact Amy Goerger (amygoerger@stpaulsoregon.org).

Update on the Diocesan Socially Responsible Investment Fund

Socially responsible investing has historical roots in all major religious teachings and traditions, and for generations, many religious investors have sought to demonstrate their commitment to peace and non-violence with screened investments that avoid weapons and products that promoted war. More recently, values-based investors have looked for socially screened investments that promote such issues as environmental sustainability, civic responsibility, the role of women and people of color in decision-making positions, and workplace safety.

Dot Voting at Diocesan Convention in 2017

In Oregon, at our 2015 Convention, the Diocese adopted a resolution which established the Socially Responsible Investing Fund (SRIF). At the Convention prior to that, a dot-voting tally established screening priorities to include environmental sustainability, human rights and community development. Those gospel values were substantiated again with further dot voting in 2017. At the same convention, there were a substantial number of recommendations to avoid investment in companies with high executive pay and those that engage in animal cruelty.

Additionally, the Diocese has adopted recommendations of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility to place restrictions on shares of companies that are amongst the top U.S. defense contractors; those operating for-profit prisons; companies whose activities violate human rights in Sudan; and tobacco companies.

A number of Oregon congregations have begun to invest with the SRIF over the last few years, including St. James of Lincoln City, where as one parishioner put it, after a great deal of discernment and then a decision to make the move for their memorial fund, they found the actual process of the move to be very easy.

The SRIF is managed by the diocese with Sellwood Consulting, which is registered as a United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing signatory. The financial returns since the inception of the SRIF have been compelling.

We hope you will join us at the 2019 Diocesan Convention during the Friday lunch time to learn more about the possibility of your congregation investing with the Socially Responsible Investing Fund. You can find more information about the SRIF and the instructions and forms for transferring funds into the SRIF at https://www.diocese-oregon.org/resources/finance-and-human-resources/financial-resource-library/ (click on “Investment and Financial Planning”), or you can contact any of the committee members listed below:

SRIF Committee Members
Sue Hall, Committee Chair, Christ Church, Lake Oswego
Ann Frazier, Christ Church, Lake Oswego
Madeline Moore, St. David of Wales, Portland
The Rev. Jaime Sanders, Christ Church, St. Helens
Keith Walters, Trinity, Portland

Register Now for the Fall Youth Event

As part of the 131st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Oregon, St. Paul’s, Salem will host youth (grades 6-12) from around the diocese for the Fall Youth Event.

We will attend a session of the 131st Annual Diocesan Convention and explore the theme Common Prayer, Common Vision. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity for fun and faith-filled fellowship!

The cost is $25 per person (scholarships are available). Click here to register online; the registration deadline is October 20.

Questions? Please contact Amy Goerger (amygoerger@stpaulsoregon.org).