Provinces VIII & VI Deacons Conference

Provinces VIII & VI Deacons Conference

Deacons from Provinces VIII & VI Conference
Our Fragile Island Home, Protecting God’s Creation

August 20-23, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona

As a deacon, you have been empowered by God and the Church to model our Savior, Jesus Christ’s servant ministry to all people. The time is now as we are facing environmental degradation, the most serious problem confronting humanity and life on this planet.

As leaders and messengers, you can have a valuable impact as you educate those within your parish and community.

We look forward to providing you with engaging speakers, affordable hotel rates (it’s worth the visit to Phoenix in the summertime!), opportunities for excursions, but most importantly, the tools of resources as to how we all can reduce our carbon footprint.

Climate Strike: Spiritual Grounding Pre-Gathering

Organize your Faith Community to Support this Global Action

In Portland, Oregon, join us
Friday, September 20th at
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Ave #110

10:00am – EcoFaith’s Pre-Gathering where we will spiritually ground ourselves and cultivate hope with our voices and instruments across the street from City Hall near the circular speaking area at Terry Schrunk Plaza. (Look for the EcoFaith Recovery Banner.)
10:30am – Climate Strike at Portland City Hall

Using EcoFaith’s Practices for Awakening Leadership, we will follow the lead of the world’s children, ground ourselves in spiritual and relational power, and ACT TOGETHER as people of faith and good will.

What to bring?
– Yourself and a contingent from your faith community
– Wear something that identifies your community or your faith or both
– Instruments! Which section of the EcoFaith “symphonic choir” will your team or community cover?! (Examples: Will your team bring shakers or bells or sticks or bucket drums or flutes or triangles or scrapers or vocals or clapping hands or dance, etc) Choose one and then EMAIL Jennilee at with the particular kind of instrument your faith community will bring to the “symphonic choir” so we can highlight your section of the on the EcoFaith Recovery website and Facebook.

Please join us! And take public transportation if possible! It reduces carbon emissions, eliminates parking frustration and expense, and will get you there on time!

Consider donating towards the youths’ Climate Festival, which is expected to require about $15,000 for event production, equipment rentals, sanitation, security, insurance and permits. A website for donations is available via this link (