Taking a stand in agreement and disagreement

Taking a stand in agreement and disagreement

Grace and Peace:

From time to time the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church passes resolutions at its meetings and offers those resolutions to the church for its information and consideration. This week I received notice of two such resolutions which I am commending to the leadership of the Episcopal Church in Oregon. Both are on important topics that do not get much air time in the regular media but deserve our consideration. The first one is entitled “Support a Living Wage,” and the second is, “Payday Loans and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Resolution.” Both of these resolutions concern issues of justice and fairness in how we live as a society in the United States.

Also, from time to time, I am asked by various groups or individuals to “take a stand” on one matter or another and occasionally I decide to make some public statement on the issue. Most of the time when I do this I receive only positive feedback for my efforts and for that I am grateful. Occasionally good Episcopalians living in Oregon also challenge me on a matter and I am grateful for the challenge as well. Recently this occurred over my decision to do a bit of advocating on the issue of gun violence. It was a blessing to have a conversation with someone who agreed with me up to a point and then disagreed as well. I believe we had a good conversation and may have more in the future.

I wonder what your experience is in congregational life? How hard do you find it to speak out on matters that are difficult? How do you experience those who differ from you on a topic? How do you, or can you, make room for the opinions of others? We live in challenging times and we all need to find ways to respond to the challenges we face. May God be with you in the journey.


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