The Episcopal Church Asset Map

The Episcopal Church Asset Map

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society and Episcopal Relief & Development Partnership now provides online resources for mapping local ministries: 

The individuals, churches, and institutions of The Episcopal Church represent an abundance of gifts. An innovative partnership between the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society and Episcopal Relief & Development has resulted in a new online tool – the Episcopal Asset Map, which is meant to connect people – both within the Church and in the broader community – to these gifts and thereby promote the sharing of ideas and information.

Although its development is a partnered ministry between the US Disaster Program at Episcopal Relief & Development and the Office of Justice and Advocacy Ministries of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, the value of the map depends on the ongoing participation and interest of individuals, congregations and diocesan coordinators around the country. Without local participation, the map would remain a set of empty pins, a tapestry with all warp and no weft.

The Episcopal Asset Map is available at To join simply complete the web-based survey, which can be filled out by anyone with knowledge of your church. Images and videos can also be uploaded to provide a detailed description of activities.

The Rev. Bonnie R Stewart is the Asset Mapping coordinator for the Diocese of Oregon. For more information, please contact her at 510-367-5225 or email her at