The Ins-and-Outs of Daily Life

The Ins-and-Outs of Daily Life

Life here in the Bishops Close and the Diocese of Oregon has gotten mostly back to normal following the holidays and the snowstorm that hit Portland in January. I thought you, the people of the Diocese, might like to know what I have been doing these past few weeks.

Singers at Temple Beth Israel

I start with January 13, a Friday. That evening I had the good fortune to be invited to Temple Beth Israel for a Shabbat service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was a wonderful evening of singing and speaking in honor of Dr. King and his legacy of non-violent protest. In attendance were many influential individuals in Oregon including Governor Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish as well as city police officials and several federal Judges.

St. Andrew and All Souls, Portland

Sunday I had a visitation to St. Andrews and All Souls, and even with the challenging weather about 25 individuals attended the service. That evening I was with Trinity Cathedral for the installation of the Rev. Canon Julia McCray-Goldsmith as Canon for Cathedral Life.

Bishop Michael and the Rev. Marianne Allison

During the week of the 15th of January I met with many at the Close and went to OES, our Episcopal school, to help with their search for an Associate Head of school. I also had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with my good friend Bishop Bob Ladehoff, and celebrated the ordination of the Rev. Marianne Allison. The week ended with a dinner hosted by the president of the OES board for the benefit of St. John the Evangelist congregation.

Marla, her mother Euna, and her brother Gary

I did not have a visitation on the 22nd which turned out to be a blessing, because Marla was needed in Washington to care for her Mom and I was able to help her make that commitment. (Marla’s mom, Euna, is 96 and mostly manages well on her own but was having some challenges that required full time assistance. The good news is she is much better today.)

The Rev. Iain Stanford, Bishop Michael, the Rev. Kammy Young, and the Rev. Anne Abdy

The next week, I worked on issues related to congregations in transition, spoke with several seminarians preparing to finish their studies, talked with clergy new to the diocese and with those involved in campus ministry, and chaired a Board of Trustees meeting. The week ended hosting the Rev. Kammy Young, who preached at the ordinations of the Rev. Anne Abdy and the Rev. Iain Stanford.

St. Thomas, Dallas

On Sunday the 29th I had a visitation to St. Thomas in Dallas, where things are going very well. The Rev. Fred Heard and the congregation shared with me many of the good ministries they are involved with and the ways in which they are making positive change to enable their ministry to thrive in the name of Jesus.

The week of the 30th has me again at the Close, managing many of the details of Diocesan life and planning for upcoming events such as Project Resource, Clergy Conference and even Diocesan Convention. Tomorrow the Standing Committee meets and then Diocesan Council meets on Friday.

These are busy and challenging times in the Diocese, in Parish life and in the nation as a whole. I bid you continue to pray and work for the health and welfare of our diocese, of your parish and the nation.