The privilege of voting

The privilege of voting

Dear Friends:

In a few short weeks we will all be receiving our ballots for national and local political races and other ballot measures. Needless to say there are serious issues to be decided and critical decisions to be made. We come to this responsibility as citizens of this nation and as individuals who have chosen to follow the way of Jesus. It is my hope that you will bring to the privilege of voting the values you hold as a citizen and as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Jesus invited his disciples to a life of justice and compassion and how we vote should reflect such values. We can differ about who will do the best job in a particular position of living out these values and we can imagine that a yes or a no vote on a particular measure will best serve the community but we should at least agree that our values as Christians should inform our choices.

The top to the ballot will hold the names of those running for President of the United States and we all hold our convictions about which of the candidates will govern the country in ways that are compatible with our values. As Christians we take a prayerful approach to voting.  I believe it is a great responsibility and honor to vote in these times and I look forward to casting my vote soon. I pray you will do the same.

The rest of the ballot contains individuals running for various positions and I trust we will pay close attention to these choices as well. Toward the bottom of the ballot are local items to consider many of which will ask us to consider funding particular projects. These are also questions that demand our best judgement.

In September the House of Bishops met in Detroit Michigan and crafted a statement: A word to the Church for the World. I invite you to watch this video presentation of this word as we prepare to vote this November.


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